Awaken your Divine Union – Recorded Course – 4 sessions

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Awaken your Divine Union – Recorded Course – 4 sessions

March 5

Awaken your Divine Union – Access Now – Click Here

We invite you to join 4 group sessions to upgrade your feminine and masculine energies so that you can purify them and encode them to create in Divine Union. This means that you will be able to align with your soul’s purpose and access both your inner vision and your precipitation gifts to experience a love-filled reality.

These energies have been in conflict and are now ready to reconcile within to open the Gate of Divine Providence! Everything becomes possible when you embrace Love as the source of ALL creation. The frequency of Divine Union will help you transform your whole reality: your relationships (especially with yourSelf), the way you experience health and abundance and much, much more!

Your ability to give and to receive Love has a direct impact on your flow of Health & Abundance. We invite you to ‘’weave’’ your unique Divine Union Matrix and to prepare yourSelf to create a Masterful 2022 together with a Team of Light that will help you realize your highest vision.”

Session 1Let’s reset your reality.

During this initial session we will help you clear your old programming so that you can identify what is interfering your connection with Higher Consciousness and what is keeping you trapped in lower timeline realities. We will also help you discern between the false expressions of love (such as attachment, co-dependency, entitlement, overprotection) and Divine Love.

Session 2Let’s attune to Divine Love.

During this session we will guide you towards the Sacred Temple of your Heart to receive an Energy Attunement that will help you clarify your authentic life purpose and to become a magnet for vitality, enthusiasm, and prosperity. Be ready to acknowledge your True Self and to let go of all that dims your inner light.

Session 3Let’s create the foundation for a Masterful 2022.

During this session we will hold space for you to reveal and to write down your highest intention for 2022, to connect with different planes of consciousness to receive multidimensional support for your Ascension Journey and to upgrade your paradigm of abundance and relationships.

Session 4Let’s take inspired action!

During this last session we will help you turn your 2022 intentions into reality. There will be time for a Q&A so that you get ready to take inspired action and so that you feel confident to embrace love and prosperity as your core creation frequencies. We will also share wisdom that will help you clarify your soul cycles so that you can flow with the Universal Order and make sure that you use all your resources wisely. When you live on purpose, everything prospers!

We invite you to:

  • create in Unity!
  • receive support from different planes of consciousness.
  • let go of your attachment to loneliness and trust the power of Unity.
  • identify the frequency of Divine Love.
  • clear the unconscious physical, mental and emotional patterns that reject Pure Love.
  • use self-love as a gateway to Universal Love.
  • upgrade your paradigm of abundance and relationships.