Online Spiritual Retreat – Embrace your Destiny

spiritual retreat, Online Spiritual Retreat – Embrace your Destiny

Online Spiritual Retreat
Equinox Retreat 2022

During the September Equinox (2022) we offered an online retreat to open The Door of Destiny. You most probably intuit what your purpose is, but you may not know how to realize it. We have created this event so that you can let go of ancestral attachments and recognize your Enlightened Path.

We have recorded a group session that will inspire you to expand your vision and to apply quantum tools that will help you remove inner obstacles and accelerate your evolution. When you are willing to receive higher Initiations, you can access the Inner Technology that facilitates your expansion.

We invite you to remember that you are the Creator of your reality as well as the Keys that will inspire you to transcend your conditioning and to love / respect your creation. You can learn from the Light instead of adopting the ”trial-and-error” method. We encourage you to discover what you need to accept to deserve (to have the merit of) a certain life experience. Reconcile with The Divine Flow, remember the Cause that you are here to serve and accept your role within the Cosmic Plan!

Everything lies within, waiting for ”the opportune moment” when you decide to resurrect it. Surrender to the flow of Divine Providence and trust the direction that you are being called to follow.

We invite you to

* Cultivate your Prosperity Consciousness.

* Illuminate your way back to the heart (Inner Temple).

* Identify and clear inner blockages to make progress.

* Apply quantum tools to precipitate your highest vision.

* Use feedback form your reality to accelerate your transformation.

* Dissolve unconscious resistance and attachments (vows) to expand with ease and grace.

* And much, much more!

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Welcome to this life-changing event!

spiritual retreat, Online Spiritual Retreat – Embrace your Destiny