MENTORSHIP: Divine Realization

Mentorship: Divine Realization

‘’You have been designed for greatness and programmed to believe in lack.’’

Are you ready to clear your Ancestral Code (conditioning) to let go of limitations and to reactivate your
Divine Code to free your enlightened vibration and realize yourSelf? Step out of the linear path of transformation to quantum jump onto your highest timeline reality! When you change your vibration, you can naturally shift your reality.

Are you willing to reset your consciousness to be free of negativity and limitations?

You are both capable of blocking and of unlocking your reality. Your Creator Consciousness will allow you to raise your vibration to fulfill your soul’s purpose without necessarily having to excessively interact with the physical plane of existence. As you remember how to conduct Light Energy onto the material realm, you will consume fewer resources and you will become a Master of Precipitation.

As you move closer to God you will become aware of the purpose and the dynamic of your intentions, that is you will understand how you create your reality and the reason why you are doing so. Instead of identifying with your conditioned mind, you will become unlimited! You will love your reality because you will know that you are the Source of all your experiences, and you will not feel threatened or surprised by your challenges, opportunities, and life lessons. You will perceive perfection because you will be conscious of your daily choices and of its consequences. You will reveal the cause of your effects!

We will activate 12 Master Codes that will attune your consciousness to help you birth collective realities in alignment with the Divine Plan. When you embrace joy, everything prospers!

Your vision-passion can turn into your daily mission. If you feel called to committing to your infinite expansion and if you are ready to become a Way-shower, we welcome you to our weekly training sessions. It is easier to Leave your Legacy of Light when you join a community that is focused on creating a high-vibe container where everyone can reveal their ascended gifts and understand how to use them to support Human-Planetary evolution. If we all take responsibility for the global shift in consciousness, Enlightenment will be imminent!

Precipitate your Mission!

We all leave traces, but not all of them create a Path that leads to plentitude. Moving forwards does not necessarily imply leaving a legacy of light that others can treasure to nurture our collective experience.

We invite you to BE part of a Collective Mission dedicated to co-creating a civilization that honours divine values and virtues and that is ready to free its creative purpose to give birth to the ‘’Garden of Eden’’: a reality in which God is always present. Your ”Heaven Code” resides within and you will receive the perfect guidance and support to reactivate it and to see its reflection all around you.

We invite you to:

Create with joy.

Live in a state of grace.

Embrace Self-Mastery.

Honour your Mission.

Awaken your Ascended Gifts.

Awaken your Immutable Consciousness.

Allow Divine Providence to bless your individual-collective reality.

Create your reality without being affected by collective circumstances.

Appreciate (stop questioning) your true origin / essence / purpose / destiny / mission.

Conduct universal energy to the physical plane to optimize the use of your resources.

And much, much more!

Start Date
: you can join in any time!

Day: to be announced.

: to be announced.

: Zoom (virtual platform).

Monthly Fee: USD 444


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This Training includes

Live Transmissions that will keep you focused on your highest vision.
Energy Activations that will help you embrace your creative purpose.
Live Q&A so that you can share your insights and receive inspiring feedback.
Access to a Private WhatsApp group so that you receive ongoing support.
Spiritual Tools and Insights that will support your Ascension Journey.

1 (extra) group session to apply your wisdom and to up-level your Service.
25% discount in our private sessions.

20% discount on our Immersion Trips in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

***These discounts apply as long as you participate in this Weekly Training Programme.***

You are an Infinite Creator!
 Embrace your Divinity and leave your Planetary Legacy.

Welcome to this liberating experience,


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