1° Portal: Divine Connection

1º Portal: Divine Connection


We invite you to join our group sessions to find inner peace, to connect with your life force energy and to attune to the frequency of divine health, prosperity & abundance. Get ready to experience a new reality: stop living life on autopilot and follow your heart!

As you become more introspective, you will expand your vision and gain clarity. We will share 3 Light Codes and the Decrees that will initiate you in your Ascension Journey and that will inspire you to re-organize your life, create healthy habits and prosper with enthusiasm.

We offer this space to all those who are ready to explore the power of their energy and to experience their authentic transformation. As you expand your consciousness, you will be eager to ask questions and to further understand the challenges and the opportunities that you will be presented with during your spiritual awakening. Start / Enhance your meditation practice now!

We invite you to

Awaken your inner wisdom.

Expand your capacity to Love.

Connect with your inner value.

Learn how to raise your vibration.

Experience health, prosperity and abundance.

Quiet your mind to find creative opportunities.

Let go of ancestral fear, doubts and limiting beliefs.

Discover practical tools that will support your inner transformation.

And much, much more!

Start Date
: you can join any time.

Day: Tuesday.

Time: 4 pm to 5 pm AST (Dominican Republic).

Modality: Zoom (virtual platform).

Monthly Fee: USD 44.   

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