2° Portal: Divine Renovation

2º Portal: Divine Renovation

We invite you to join our weekly group sessions to reconnect with your spiritual power, love and wisdom and to trust Higher Consciousness as you allow it to transform your reality. Are you ready to find direction in life: a path and a purpose that are aligned with your Soul’s Plan? 

We will share energy transmissions and activations to help you trust your source of precipitation so that you can create what you love, accelerate the time of its creation, and multiply the resources that you require to realize your highest vision.

We will also share Light Technology that you can use in your daily meditations to reset yourSelf and to align with your authentic life purpose. You fully deserve to enjoy Divine Health & Abundance!

You are meant to experience spiritual realization, but daily distractions, collective opinions, and mainstream commercials (that encourage you to reproduce seemingly successful lives) may deviate you from answering your highest calling. Embracing your highest timeline reality requires discipline, dedication, and devotion to keep focused and to not be distracted by the voice of limitation, which keeps you trapped in your comfort zone.
You won’t feel plentiful by achieving more goals, but by shifting your (self-) perception. If you believe in lack, you won’t be able to realize your True Self.

Love-Truth is the key to Liberation.

When you are willing to uncover your deepest fears, doubts, and insecurities, you can find a creative solution to your challenges and stop hiding behind your false beliefs and excuses. When you love your essence and you no longer define yourself according to your roles, possessions and family-cultural expectations, your life can reflect harmony and every thought, feeling and decision becomes transcendental. Your vision (inspiration) will come alive, and it will reconfigure your whole reality through your enlightened action.

Your Heart Portal will connect you with Divine Value and Divine Order so that you can attune to the Universal Laws and identify your spiritual gifts. Embrace Universal Love
and cultivate enough energy to experience spiritual maturity and to walk towards your destiny and mission … with determination!

Enlightened Education will help you clear ancestral imprints / limitations and free your Spirit so that you can live authentically and, eventually, show the way towards individual-collective realization.

We invite you to

Live with purpose.

Stop procrastinating.

Transform independence into Freedom.

Feel comfortable making bold decisions.

Embrace your divine origin, essence, and purpose.

Clarify your highest vision to make Divine Choices.

Illuminate and let go of limiting patterns to have more creative energy.

Create more time-space for silence so that you can clarify your priorities.

Attract thriving relationships instead of those that hold you back and want to keep you in your comfort zone.

And much, much more!

Start Date
: You can join in any time!

Day: Friday.

6 pm to 7 pm (AST – Dominican Republic).

 Online (Zoom virtual platform).

Monthly Fee: USD 111.

Portal 2

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This Training includes

Live Transmissions that will keep you focused on your highest vision.
Energy Activations that will help you experience Divine Health-Abundance.
Live Q&A so that you can share your insights and receive inspiring feedback.
Access to our Private Forum so that you can interact with other participants and receive feedback from GaitanaYantal.
Spiritual Tools and Insights that will support your organic expansion.

15% discount on our private sessions.
10% discount on our Immersion Trips in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

***These discounts apply as long as you participate in this Weekly Training Programme.***

Welcome to this life-changing experience!



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