3° Portal: Divine Liberation

3º Portal: Divine Liberation


Embrace your Divinity and open the Gates of Divine Providence!

Do you feel inspired to go beyond spiritual empowerment and to reveal your authentic origin, essence, purpose and destiny to explore the blessings that are available in your liberation cycle?

We invite you to awaken your Prosperity Consciousness. We will share Quantum Technology that you can use in your meditations to reveal your Authentic Life Path. You will become aware of the individual and planetary cycles within which you are creating your reality and you will find the inspiration and the clarity to realize your highest vision.

Are you ready to let go of excessive consumption and to cultivate life force energy? Restore your Faith in Divine Love, Wisdom & Power as the transformative ”trinity” that has the power to make you realize what seems ”impossible” and to inspire you to fulfill your spiritual contract!

We will share quantum tools and practices that will facilitate your expansion in all areas of your life as long as you are in alignment with the Divine Plan. As you encode your energy field, you will be able to neutralize internal-external interference, to purify your lower bodies, to open your heart, and to surrender to your creative flow!

We invite all the sincere spiritual seekers, leaders and guides who are truly willing to Ascend, to commit to on-going training sessions to co-create new platforms for individual and collective expansion and to contribute their energy, inspiration, and resources to support Human-Planetary Enlightenment!

We will activate 6 Divine Truths that will prepare you physically and energetically to claim your highest timeline reality and to align with the abundance and the creative potential of the Enlightened Age. Allow the Voice of Greatness to guide you as you Serve individual and collective evolution!

We invite you to:

Value YourSelf.

Embrace the / your flow.

Love your Authentic Life Path.

Discover your authentic expression.

Embrace a life of  joy and enthusiasm.

Receive an (physical-energetic) upgrade.

Experience Divine Love, Wisdom & Power.

Trust your intuition as you let go of control.

Let go of egoic patterns to embrace Selfless Service.

Transcend the paradigm of lack and procrastination.

Let go of effort as a requirement to fulfill your divine purpose.

Allow Divine Providence to bless your individual-collective reality.

Stop comparing yourself to others and find your own Ascension Path.

Attune your physical-energy body (and your whole reality) to your highest state of consciousness.

And much, much more!

Start Date
: you can join in any time!

: Thursday.

: 5 pm to 6 pm AST (Dominican Republic).

: Zoom (virtual platform).

Extra Session: to be announced.

Monthly Fee
: USD 222

Portal 3

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This Training includes

Live Transmissions & Activations that will keep you focused on your highest vision.
Live Q&A so that you can share your insights and receive inspiring feedback.
Spiritual Tools and Revelations that will support your Ascension Journey.
Access to a Private Forum so that you receive ongoing support.

1 (extra) group session to apply your wisdom and start / up-level your Service.
20% discount on our private sessions.

15% discount on our Immersion Trips in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

***These discounts apply as long as you participate in this Weekly Training Programme.***

Welcome to your Sacred Destiny!




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