Be the Source of Miracles – Free Class – Listen Now

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Be the Source of Miracles – Free Class – Listen Now

abril 19 - abril 20

Be the Source of Miracles – Access Replay Now – Click Here


»The coming decades will mark the transition to a Higher state of Consciousness and will inspire more Beings to complete their Inner Alchemy to embrace their Divine Purpose & Potential. We are moving towards a phase of human-planetary evolution that has no precedent. We are now ready to take responsibility for clearing our old programming (limiting patterns) and to restore our Creator Consciousness to enjoy the blessings of The Enlightened Age. 

Higher Consciousness offers us accelerated training so that we can perceive and create reality with our unified mind and heart and so that we can let go of our attachment to the collective belief system and trust the Voice of LoveTruth within to feel worthy of stepping into our highest timeline reality.

We ALL have something valuable to share with our family, with our community and with all those who are ready to reveal their true essence and to co-create Heaven on Earth. It is time to claim our ascended gifts to help give birth to an Enlightened Humanity. Our Divine Version is available and is inviting us to access the Divine Keys that will help us go beyond spiritual empowerment, find liberation and, eventually, become the Source of Joyful Creations!» 


  • You are your own Alchemist; as you master your energy field, you master your reality!
  • Your Divine Purpose has the power to shift (upgrade) your whole reality.
  • As you transcend your human cycles you can embrace your soul cycles.
  • You can really become the source of miracles.
  • You are the Creator!





Cari Murphy