Mastery Empowerment Course: Move Closer to Source – Free Access

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Move Closer to Source – Free Access

abril 2 - abril 3

Move Closer to Source – Access Replay Now – Click Here

During this webinar we will share a few insights about Divine Alchemy that can inspire you to step into your soul power and purpose. Advanced alchemical tools and practices will help you focus on the Light rather than on your seeming limitations and to actualize the way that you perceive yourSelf and others.

Embracing your Inner Alchemist is not an end in itself, but a gateway to liberation. Your transition into 5D consciousness and beyond requires that you let go of old structures and paradigms and that you attune yourSelf to the frequencies of the Enlightened Age. As you move closer to Source (which is what Ascension really means) you will realize that there is nothing to ‘’fix’’ or to ‘’heal’’ and that you are free to create your own Universe.

As you align with your Divine Plan and embrace Divine Value and Divine Order as the foundation of your new reality, your whole life experience will shift. Ready to let go of mental projections, emotional separation, and physical resistance and to bring everything into the field of Unity Consciousness so that you can restore your Creator-Creatrix Consciousness?»

We invite you to:

  • Choose loving habits to create your own set of ascension practices.
  • Strengthen your 3Ds: discipline, dedication, and devotion.
  • Transmute your CLAN energy into the frequency of COMMUNITY.
  • Become a Code ‘Transmitter’’ instead of being a Code ‘’Carrier’’.




Lauren Galey
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