Mastery Empowerment Course: Open the Gate of Prosperity! Free Access

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Open the Gate of Prosperity! Free Access

febrero 25

Open the Gate of Prosperity – Access Replay Now – Click Here

»After 2 years (2020-2021) of experiencing a global reset, we are now ready to step into our highest timeline reality. These past years have been our preparation to remember our soul’s purpose and to get ready to fulfill it with enthusiasm.

There’s a new wave of awakening that is calling those who had been ‘’too busy’’ to find time to connect with Higher Consciousness or who believed that spiritual awakening and empowerment was all that was available. We are ALL being invited to go deeper within, to let go of life as we know it and to move towards liberation … and beyond! It’s time to awaken from the collective dream (our limited version of reality) to reclaim our divine heritage and to give birth to a new state of consciousness: our enlightened state of Being!

During this webinar we will share a few insights to help you complete your spiritual empowerment phase and to get ready to experience liberation. Embracing freedom implies opening the gate of prosperity! Liberation does not come from taking, but from giving. The inner victim cannot enjoy freedom because it is identified with lack programmes and is always ‘‘in need’’ of care, approval, attention, and resources; it is still governed by the collective belief system and seeking realization without. As you step into freedom, you will remember that You are the Source of Love, and you will naturally want to be of Service because you will understand the value of contribution and collaboration as a healthy foundation for a New Humanity.

You become a Spontaneous Giver when you understand the value of every life experience. Instead of resisting transformation (saying NO to evolution), you will open all the doors that Higher Consciousness invites you to go through! You will understand that contribution, transformation, and prosperity are ONE and the same! Contribution is the key to open the gate of prosperity!»

We invite you to

  • resolve ancestral fear.
  • embrace your soul cycles.
  • understand that abundance is not a whim or a luxury; it is your birthright and the means to create your own version of Heaven on Earth!
  • let go of the belief that you don’t need abundance to create your reality.
  • transcend duality (the polarities of the mind) and embrace Unity.
  • respect the Law of Correspondence.
  • accept Divine Intervention.